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About My Cash Now

MyCashNow is an online payday loan company that specializes in short- term personal loans. Since 2001 MyCashNow has offered online payday loan to customers. After MyCashNow opened its doors 2001 it has become popular online payday loans lender who approves application and funds your bank account faster than most of competitors.

Today, they offer services in over 35 U.S. states and growing.

Quick Facts of My Cash Now

  • Great Reputation & Long History
  • Fees are clearly posted
  • Preferred member program
  • New customer rewards.
  • Bad Credit OK
  • Faxless Application

State Availability

MyCashNow does not provide payday loan services to those who live in the following states: California, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Ease of Use

MyCashNow is one of the easiest payday loan websites, it is nice looking easy to understand and navigate. Customers can apply for a loan with MyCashNow either online or over the phone. The loan application is easy to understand and fill in and if needed professional customer support is easy to reach.

Obtaining a payday loan from MyCashNow is quick and the online loan application process takes only 5 minutes to complete. Clients loans are approved instantly, and if approved, your loan will be deposited into your account within 24 hours. cash will be deposited directly next day. Clients with poor or bad credit can also obtain a loan.


MyCashNow uses standard Geo Trust encryption certificate to protect personal information provided by customer. Standard SSL certificate protects personal info but it does not offer same level of trust to online transactions like Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates.

Cost of Loan

Their annual percentage rate (APR) is clearly presented on their website which are based on a minimum 14 day loan term. If you need help determining the fee and rate that works best for you, customer service can help you with that. MyCashNow has average payday loan rate. While their rates are slightly higher than average they offer some excellent promotions and discounts. Preferred customers may receive up to 30% off the standard interest rate.

Customer Support

MyCashNow customer support service is excellent. Customer service representatives are well trained, friendly and professional. They are happy to assist and do not hold back any information. MyCashNow phone and email customer support is available from are Monday through Friday 24 hours a day, on Saturdays 12am to 9pm and closed on Sundays.


MyCashNow really knows how to take care of customers. Convenience program was started that makes getting a personal loan simple and easy. Clients have the option of using the My Cash Card or the MoneyGram system. The My Cash Card allows to get a loan and use it just like a debit or credit card at any of the places you normally shop. The MoneyGram allows to pick up funds at Wal-Mart or any of the other 16,000 locations nationwide.

About the Author

Since my earliest memory I have had an obsessional interest to find out everything I can and tell everyone what I think about it. I have been involved in Financial Services for over 10 years and have been providing financial advice throughout USA.

11 Responses to My Cash Now

  1. Robert says:

    I think that the service offers is one that many people can benefit from. I use them to get quick cash for weekend getaways. They are also great for those small cash emergencies that pop up unexpectedly. MyCashNow is also great because they are hones, efficient, and everyone is so knowledgeable and polite when you call them. Hey, keep up the good work MyCashNow.

  2. Nakea says:

    I needed money quick for a dental procedure, and approved me with no hassles. I have been using MyCashNow for 5 years now

  3. Virginia says:

    I only get paid once a month, and has helped me so much. It really helps to be able to bridge the gap from pay date to pay date. The customer service representatives at MyCashNow are always so awesome.

  4. kalyn says:

    Although I am not a fan of borrowing money, has made it very easy to do so. And repayment is just as easy. When I was in a crisis, it was MyCashNow that I went to for help, and they responded. I had my cash within minutes with their quick Money Gram system.

  5. Ben says: has been a lifesaver for me. I had some medical bills recently, and without a loan I would have been in a very difficult position. Now that I have taken a promotion at work and will have medical insurance in a few weeks, I am in a much better place now. However, just the other day, my glasses broke. The unexpected expenses for an exam, frames and lenses were quite costly – about $275. Without MyCashNow, I would not have been able to get new glasses. And without my glasses, I can not see a thing!

  6. sandra says:

    I am a single mother of three college students, and there are times when they need a little financial assistance. Thanks to MyCashNow, I am able to provide them that assistance in a timely manner.

  7. Alane says:

    Without the help of MyCashNow I would be unable to make it pay-day to pay-day on the money I earn from working.

  8. Michelle says:

    I have had nothing but good experiences

  9. Stephen says:

    MyCashNow is a great loan company. They make it convenient for you to recieve your money in no time!

  10. Lars says:

    This is a good company. They are ethical, do not sell your info and are very upfront about their fees (lets face it, if you are in a bind, you are going to pay for the privilege of a loan). They will also work with you with extensions. This time of year, we are always strapped for cash at Christmas. MyCashNow will help you. They aren’t the fastest in getting money to you, so don’t apply one day and expect money the next. It usually takes around 4 business days to complete a loan.

  11. girl101 says: is a great payday loan company. They have very low rates and easy extensions. The best part is that the customer service department is available to help you with any of your questions or concerns. They never perform any traditional credit checks which is great if your credit isn’t the best. My Cash Now really cares about customer privacy and confidentiality. There is also a great program called the MyCashNow Referral Program where earning extra cash couldn’t be any easier! All you have to do is refer your family and friends to My Cash Now and you receive a quick and easy $100.00. When they get approved for the loan, you get $100.00 in your account. It is vital to use when you need a short-term personal loan. Some negative aspects of the company would be that you have to be 18 years old and have a checking account that has been opened for at least 90 days. You also have to be making a minimum of $1000.00 a month. They are also not available 24/7. They are only available 24/6.

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